Thank you to all the bidders and buyers who supported the 2014 Summit 3 Speckle Park Sale!

The sale grossed $230,850 on 32 lots of live cattle and genetics. The breakdown was as follows:

13 extra-age bulls averaged $7,865.38
13 yearling bulls averaged $5,461.54
4 open heifers averaged $12,375.00
7 embryos averaged $1,157.14/embryo

Extra-Age Bulls

Codiak So Long George GNK 6Z
Lot 6: Codiak So Long George GNK 6Z
$20,000 Minnamurra Station / Six Star Speckle Park, Australia

Lot 10: Codiak Tycoon Cat GNK 12Z - $17,000 Tony Freimark, Lashburn SK

Lot 12: Codiak Hear The Ghost GNK 22Y - $8,000 Holtby Farms, Marshall SK

Yearling Bulls

River Hill A'Man 94A
Lot 30: River Hill 12X A`Man 94A
$13,000 D.A.M. Dots / C Speckles, Unity SK

Lot 29: River Hill 12X Artic Chill 09A - $8,000 Lehr Ranching, Watrous SK

Lot 21: River Hill 5Y Anchor 036A - R&B Hamoline Farms Ltd, Saskatoon SK

Yearling Heifers

Codiak Annie GNK 7A
Lot 37: Codiak Annie GNK 7A
$17,750 Nova Creek Farm, Barrhead AB

Lot 34: River Hill 106Y Alika 30A - $16,000 Wrangler Farms, Westlock aB


Lot 39: Scarlet x Traffic Jam - $1,200/embryo Monte Vander Vorst, North Dakota USA

Lot 38: Show Me Off x Striker - $1,100/embryo Ron Carty, New Jersey USA